Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic


I don’t know about you, but if you like Fuente cigars, you gotta love the Hemingway Series. I’ve never gone wrong with any of the Hemingway group. I find this cigar to be one of those cigars that would be good absolutely anytime. For me I say that because it’s not too strong, not too mild. The size is good for anytime as well as far as I’m concerned. It measures seven inches in length and has a 48 ring gauge. It’s full of flavor without being too strong and mild enough to enjoy anytime.

Likewise it is made with the same quality and passion we have all come to appreciate in Fuente products. In addition to the way it smokes, it brings a special look to it. It’s wrapper is Cameroon and the Figurado shape lends itself to making this cigar unique. For me the blend brings just a tiny bit of spice to the tobacco taste and leaves a wood like finish on the palate. The filler and binder tobaccos are from the Dominican Republic. I find the burn to be even and the construction of the cigar to be solid and full, yet easy to draw.

One thing I really like about this cigar is the aroma it brings to a room. Let’s face it, there’s a lot more to a cigar than just it’s taste. I love to be in a room when someone lights up a Hemingway. Maybe it’s just the Setter in me, but I love that scent! In fact, sometimes I just enjoy being in a room with someone smoking a fine cigar to appreciate the aroma the cigar provides. I must admit though, I can’t sit there too long without lighting up my own. Regardless, I do enjoy the aroma that a Hemingway brings to a room. If you think I’m kidding, then try this at home. Get a Hemingway going in your favorite smoking space, then step outside for a minute or two. Come back in to the room and let the bird dog in you flourish a bit. If you’re like me, you might go on point!

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