Ashton Magnum


In the mid 80’s I tried a cigar call Ashton while living on the East coast. I was very impressed by this cigar and subsequently, it became my staple smoke for several years. There was and still is something about the Ashton which keeps me coming back to it time and time again. These are very well made cigars and for me they have always been consistent over the years.

The Magnum is a Robusto size cigar about five inches in length with a ring gauge of 50. The filler tobacco is Dominican Republic, the binder is also Dominican and the wrapper is Connecticut Shade from here in the United States. This cigar has a beautiful wrapper and is always a great smoke when you want something that you can enjoy, but you don’t have an hour or so to burn, no pun intended! There is a certain spiciness in this cigar which my taste buds really enjoy. Remember what I say about the taste of cigars: your taste buds will probably find something different than mine, so once again I am telling you that if you don’t agree with me on the taste of this or any cigar, it is probably due to the fact that our tasters are different! For me though, there is a certain spice in this cigar which I really enjoy. I have never had an Ashton burn unevenly nor have I ever had one plugged on me. All in all I think this is a great cigar. It is priced right in the middle of the road at about $4.00 to $5.00 depending where you shop. It is made in the Dominican Republic at one of the Arturo Fuente factories and owned by Robert Levin, the President of Holt’s Cigar Company in Philadelphia. I would consider the Ashton a medium strength cigar with lots of flavor. I would also suggest that if you ever get the chance to try one, you owe it to yourself. Like I said, this was my staple cigar for several years and I continue to enjoy them regularly today. So, go fire up an Ashton and let me know what you think! I hope you will be pleased with this cigar. I know I always am!

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