La Gloria Cubanas Soberanos


This Double Corona is another one of those frequently smoked cigars in the cigar room. I enjoy this cigar for several reasons. First of all its size. As you know, I enjoy larger cigars more than any others. Let me qualify that though. When I say large cigars, I’m not talking about length only. In fact, I am really talking about the ring gauge. I don’t have to have a cigar the length of a ball bat in order to enjoy it. I simply enjoy the fullness of flavor that comes with a larger ring-sized cigar.

Anyway, the Soberanos. This cigar is 8 inches in length and has a ring size of 52. It is made with three different tobaccos. The filler tobacco is from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The binder is from the Dominican Republic and the wrapper is from Ecuador.

This cigar delivers a strong spice to my taste buds, yet it is not too strong. It smokes very well and even without any problems with the draw (at least for me). I find it to be a very smooth smoke for all the flavor it gives. I think it is medium to medium full in the category of body. It is a great cigar to enjoy when you have finished a nice big meal and you have an hour of time to enjoy with your friends. At the same time, I will often smoke a Soberanos at the end of a day if I know I have ample time to do so.

Another thing I like about this cigar is the craftsmanship. I have never had a poorly made La Gloria Cubana cigar. In fact, I find more consistency with these cigars than a lot of others. It just seems to be a great cigar for me. Also, I like the fact that this cigar is durable. I’m not an expert about tobacco leaves, but I wonder if any of the durability has anything to do with the origin of the wrapper leaf. As I said, this cigar works well for me. I think it is full of flavor and spices which are unique because my palate hasn’t sensed these spices and flavors in many other cigars.

So, if you get a chance to try one I hope you enjoy it. La Gloria Cubana cigars are made by Ernesto Carillo in Miami and he just opened a factory in the Dominican Republic in order to expand production. Needless to say, there is a big demand for his cigars out there. I must warn you though, that’s one drawback, as it is with so many good cigars today. These are hard to get a hold of because of the large number of back orders. Be patient and when you do find them, try one. One more thing about the La Gloria Cubana line, they are well priced. Even though prices are going up everywhere in the cigar industry, these are still a bargain as far as I’m concerned. Enjoy!

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