Licenciados Churchill


This is a well made Churchill sized cigar. It is medium strength on my palate and would actually end up more on the light side if I had to be specific. As it smokes however, it does get a little stronger on my palate. For me it has a certain kind of flavor and taste that seems somewhat grassy at the beginning but seems to become a little bit spicier as you go along. For me though, it does have a distinct taste of its own. Even though I like strong cigars almost all the time, I do enjoy the Licenciados because it is a pleasant smoke and a nice change from time to time.

One thing I do like about it a lot, and that would be its look. It uses Connecticut Shade wrapper. Obviously this will help the outward appearance of most any cigar. There is something about Connecticut Shade wrapper that makes it look so good. This particular box was very consistent with a pretty brown wrapper leaf that had this oily glow about it. Actually, it was even more impressive when they came out of the cellophane. What a wrapper this Connecticut is! Smooth, silky, very well presented! I think it is the golden brown look that I see in this wrapper when I hold it under the light.

The Licenciados uses Dominican filler and binder tobacco before being wrapped in that beautiful Connecticut blanket. This is a solid cigar. There always seems to be a lot of tobacco in these cigars which I like. Some cigars seem like there is air inside when they are loosely wrapped. Though this cigar is wrapped relatively tight, it was still very easy to draw. Licenciados cigars are made in the Dominican Republic by MATASA and distributed by Mike’s Cigars in Miami. If you are looking for a rather mild to medium cigar that burns well, smokes smooth and delivers some pleasant flavors, then this might be one for you to try. If you do decide to try one of these though, make sure you take some time to study the wrapper.

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