Padron Aniversario Exclusivo


If you really like cigars, especially cigars that not only please your palate but also bring with them a visible beauty, then this might be your staple cigar. I’m no expert, but I think this is one of the world’s most beautifully presented cigars. First of all the composition of the cigar. This cigar is made with filler, binder, and wrapper leaf tobacco from Nicaragua. For my taste buds, it comes across very full flavored. Some say it is very strong. I like strong cigars! That’s one thing I really like about this cigar. Not only is it full flavored, but it is also somewhat strong. However, for me, in spite of its strength, it has to be one of the smoothest smoking cigars I have ever had. The draw on this cigar is great. The burn is even and with each draw it keeps on bringing great flavors. The wrapper is a deep, rich chocolate brown color with lots of oil. When you feel the wrapper you also sense a smooth and silky texture which comes from holding one of these gems.

Then there is the shape. These cigars are box pressed. When I say box pressed, I mean box pressed. These babies are flat and almost end up being square in shape. I love this shape of cigar. It just looks so impressive. Not to mention the way it feels in your hand. They are boxed in beautiful boxes and come without being put in cellophane wrappers. I find this adds to the visual appreciation as one begins the ritual of choosing and preparing a cigar. There is nothing I dislike about this cigar. They are produced by Tabacos Centroamericanos S.A. In my opinion, the Padron family has certainly produced a cigar that allows one to appreciate every aspect of cigar smoking, from presentation to the last draw.

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