Ernesto Carillo

This is Ernesto Carillo of El Credito Cigars, home of that treasured smoking experience called La Gloria Cubana! Those of us close to him like to call him Ernie. I am very fortunate to say that I have had the experience of seeing his Miami operation as well as being in his new factory which just recently opened up in the Dominican Republic. Ernie certainly makes some of the best cigars in the world in my humble opinion. His love and passion for making cigars can be traced back to his childhood while in Cuba. His father, Ernesto Carillo, Sr. purchased the company while in Cuba during the late 20’s. During the revolution however, Ernesto Sr. fled the country to Miami. Shortly after that, Ernie came to Miami as well. In the late 60’s his father started up the El Credito Cigar Company here in America and eventually Ernie himself joined forces with his father and later took over the company.

After the world discovered that this company made some of the finest cigars around, Ernie was forced to expand in order to keep up with the growing demand for his cigars. Once again as is the case with other really great cigars, the key element behind so much of the success is that family connection and maintaining great traditions. Ernesto Jr. grew up around cigar tobacco. It is part of his life, his blood, his family. It’s no wonder why he knows what it takes to make a really great cigar.

I have spent some quality time with Ernesto on several occasions. Each time we sit down and talk I learn more about this wonderful joy called cigars as well as learning more about this man and his desire to make the best cigars that he can. Ernie is somewhat quiet and very laid back. He is a very humble and hard working man that always seeks to make his products even better than they are.

While I was in the Dominican Republic recently, I was fortunate enough to spend the better part of a day with him as he gave me a personal tour of his new factory. I am so happy for Ernesto in getting that new factory opened and running. It will continue to bring the great tradition of his family and cigars closer and closer to us as production can increase over time.

Currently he travels back and forth from Miami to the Dominican Republic on a regular basis; balancing his family and his two factories as best as he can. People like Ernesto deserve our support because of his attitude and desire for cigar making. Like other great cigar makers, it is clear that Ernesto is keeping alive a wonderful family tradition that we need to support because their products bring us so much pleasure. After having had the opportunities I have in visiting with Ernie (and I’m talking about deep one on one conversations), I realize my blessings in being able to call him my friend. When you enjoy his cigars, I’d be willing to bet that you too will discover just what kind of friend this man really is to those of us who really love cigars.

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