The Cigar Renaissance

What's all this cigar talk about and why are we all so involved with it? Well, can you say Marvin Shanken and Cigar Aficionado? I knew you could. That my friends is where my own story begins.

Thanks to his vision and love of cigars, we have all become happier smokers. I've been smoking cigars for almost twenty years. Until the early 90s, there was very little support and encouragement directed towards our love of these precious works of art. For those of us who have been around for a while, we figured out what we like and where to get it.

However, there was never the acceptance and support for our love of cigars out in public. Instead, we often were looked down upon as we began the sacred ritual of cutting and lighting our cigar.

Not any more! Have you noticed how many public places have become cigar friendly lately? The cigar renaissance is in full bloom! Thousands of people are revisiting this great and practical endeavor of enjoying one of the pleasures of life. Taking time to ponder and contemplate things in our lives, forging new and lasting friendships, developing a greater appreciation of this fine art and re-establishing the positive and wholesome attitude towards cigars are just the beginning of this long and overdo renaissance.

Because of this surge of interest in cigars, I can honestly say that from it I have developed some of my strongest and longest friendships. Cigars seem to help create a balance in my life by forcing me to slow down at the end of the day. They have a natural way of placing us in a mode of contemplation, giving us time to think and relax.

My average day is filled with busyness and stress just like everybody else's. There is so much temptation in our busy world to never slow down. I read somewhere recently that the number one stress in our country is not enough time. I think that is very true. Cigars have a way of putting that into perspective. We need time away from all the hustle and bustle and what better way than lighting up a premium cigar?

Thank you Marvin for reminding us of this great and near extinct pleasure. Your efforts with Cigar Aficionado have certainly made a lasting impact on the world. Thank you for your vision!

Keep Your Smoking Holy!