Cigar Friendships

Well, how’s everyone doing in the cigar world? It is truly amazing how this cigar boom continues to grow each and every day. I was just thinking about how many more places in our society have become cigar friendly. Right here in Wichita for example, one can now find several eating establishments that welcome us. Let me tell you, it wasn’t that way a few years ago! In fact, in this city cigar smoking was rarely ever seen in public until just recently. Now we have places getting into the cigar dinner scene, cigar clubs and gatherings of the like. What is best about all of these new events that are taking place goes way beyond the cigars.

I think the best thing about these gatherings is the people. I have two small groups that get together on a regular basis, two different clubs if you will. It’s always great getting to see the people in these groups. In fact, I normally don’t get to see any of these people during the month except when we do get together at our monthly events. These kinds of groups or clubs have a way of creating and forging long and sincere friendships, the kind that can and will last for a lifetime. Friendships like that are harder to establish these days. We’re all too busy. We’re all going so fast. However, when it comes time for my cigar gatherings, all that seems to take the backseat to building and strengthening these very special friendships.

So, what am I saying in all this? Well, let me tell you. I think you can do yourself a lot of good by starting up one of these groups or clubs with the cigar smokers you enjoy hanging around. It’s a great way to have friends with a common feeling about cigars. Have you ever noticed how cigars can bring the best out of us? Have you ever noticed how well cigar smokers get along when they’re enjoying their cigars? I think it’s a great reason to be involved with one of these groups. Recently when our dinner club met (the other one is a card group), I was amazed at how the cigar seemed to keep us together when in our conversation we were faced with a very delicate and sensitive issue that we did not agree on. It was clear by our voices that our emotions were entering in to the conversation, but in a strange way, we were all able to agree to disagree about the issue that had surfaced. Let me say that I have experienced similar situations with the same topic that got so out of control that people left the room not being able to speak to each other. But this was different. Very, very different in fact.

You want to know what I think? I think it was the fact that we were all so relaxed as we enjoyed our cigars that we let go of all the pressures and stresses of the day and were able to realize just how important our friendship really was. With that in mind, I think we quickly realized that our disagreements did not need to hurt us nor threaten us. Actually, I think without those pressures I mentioned above, we were more open to listening and thinking about what we were saying. So, what’s the lesson in all this? Think about getting together with your cigar friends monthly at a cigar friendly establishment and enjoy each other’s company and friendship, accompanied by a premium cigar! After all, true friends and good cigars go hand in hand.

Keep Your Smoking Holy!