1997 Miami Big Smoke

Being from the midwest, one of the greatest things about the month of January is the Miami Big Smoke. There are several reasons for this. Obviously the weather plays a big part in this joy. After all, when I leave for the Miami Big Smoke, it is normally about 10 degrees here in the Wichita area. In addition to that is the fact that the people of Miami are always great to be around, and this year was no exception! Another great thing about the Miami event is its location. Because it is so close to the Dominican Republic, often most of the well know people in the cigar industry can break away and attend which is always a bonus when you get to visit with the people behind these great works of art, if you know what I mean.

This year there were a couple of special additions to this event. First of all was the advent of a new feature at Big Smoke events. That new feature was a live band. What a great idea and addition Marvin. You just seem to keep making these events better and better. Couple the live music with all the great eats available, mix those together with great cigars and some fine spirits to wash all that down and you have the makings for one great evening! Not to mention that the beach is just moments away. Now that’s the way to enjoy life, huh?

The second thing that also took place this year was one of the greatest social evenings I ever spent with cigar friends and people. Mike’s Cigars celebrated its opening of their new retail store in Miami and to kick this off they had an open house and party that was absolutely splendid! As you know Mike’s has been in business for almost 50 years. Folks, that’s a long time. You could imagine the loyal customers, industry leaders and new cigar enthusiasts that took advantage of this get together. It was wonderful. Oscar Boruchin, the President of Mike’s has outdone himself with this store. If you ever have a chance to see this place while you are in the Miami area, you just gotta check this place out. You will certainly be impressed, and rightfully so! Congratulations Oscar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Big Smoke was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel this year and the space was very nice. The floor plan and layout was so wonderful. This space was super because there was plenty of room for all the cigar and spirit groups inside the ballroom while just outside they had all the food set up so there was easy access to everything. About the food. Well if you look at me you will quickly realize that I like to eat. Duh. Miami, like all the cities that host the Big Smoke events has great places to dine that are cigar friendly. Folks, you’ve got to remember that we need to be supportive of cigar friendly establishments whenever we wish to dine out or socialize. That’s one more bonus about the Big Smokes. By going to them you not only get great cigars but you can learn about eating establishments that welcome your cigars in these cities. Anyway, check this list out if you ever get to Miami. These are great places to eat and they were all there with teasers to get you there...The Forge, Cuba Club The Capital Grille, The Fish Market, Beaulieu, Evangeline, The Grill Room, Casa Juancho, Monty’s and Havana Hideaway. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry! I wonder why?

Well, the Miami Big Smoke was once again a great success. Of course, every Big Smoke is a great success. If you like getting away to warm weather in the middle of January, then this Big Smoke is for you. I encourage anyone that likes the combination of things I spoke about in this review to take advantage of this great event next year. I certainly hope to see you there!

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