Smoke Signals

Vol. 8, The Changing Laws of Tobacco     Vol. 7, 1997 Miami Big Smoke                Vol. 6, 1997 Dallas Big Smoke                Vol. 5, 1996 New York Big Smoke       Vol. 4, 1996 San Francisco Big Smoke       Vol. 3, Cigar Friendships                            Vol. 2, The Cigar Renaissance                   Vol. 1, 1996 Las Vegas Big Smoke


Welcome to the Smoke Signals section on the site. This section is dedicated to reviews, reflections, experiences and opinions that “Yours Truly” wants to share with you. After each of the major cigar events I get to participate in, I like to go back and think about what made it good, special or significant, etc. Then I like to put those thoughts together to share with you folks.

Sometimes I use this section to simply voice opinion about certain issues that are present in the cigar world. I am very fortunate in knowing a great number of people in the industry and because of that I can keep up on a lot of the issues that are taking place from time to time.

Another aspect of this section that you will see a lot of is the review and information about recent Big Smokes. As you know from reading Cigar Aficionado I tend to show up at all the Big Smokes in the country. It seems that each and everyone of them has its own style, attitude, etc. I find it interesting to point out those different qualities of each of these locations and events.

So, get your favorite cigar going and take some time to visit whatever topics seem interesting to you in this section. I would love to know what you think so send me some of your own “smoke signals” when you get a chance.

Keep Your Smoking Holy!